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By Kelly, Age 28, CA
How are going to be saving for college?
I am going to be doing work-study.
I am going to for a year to save money.
I am looking into financial aid.
I have a job and I save part of my check for college.
I haven't really thought much about it yet.
My grandparents are going to be helping me out.
My parents have been saving since I was born.
Student Loans

*~I don't know how to save!!! Please HELP!!!!~*
My problem is very simple. I never manage to save the money I earn. I just wanna know SMART ways of saving money and little tips on how to keep it safe. I know I should put it into my account as soon ...
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I spend too much
I have decided to become a responsible teenager! I have decided to start saving money each week for college. I have been trying to save money for the past few weeks and it is not happening.

I spend ...
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Worry when the time comes
Seems like some articles are about people that worry about what they will do or how they will raise that money, but if your 13 to 15, try to just enjoy your time.  

It is too late, as I seen in my ...
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College: Corporate or Educational?
These days, the whole college system has become more of a corporate industry than a educational system. Each year, the cost of attending college rises, and more and more students are concerned about how ......
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Be calm
Many persons, like myself, who's parents aren't very fortunately worry about the amount it will cost and if we can afford it or not and all that goes with it.

The answer is simple like my parents told ...
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Needing some help
Hey Everyone! I am only a sophomore in highschool, but I am starting to think about going to college. The problem lies in the fact that my parents don't have a college fund for me. I am very interested ...
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How much money?
Okay my problem is I work every weekend and make great money.  I have been buying my own clothes for the last two years of my life and now I buy my own food and also take care of my bunny.  (P.S. bunnies ...
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College Savings
I have no idea how in the world I am going to save money up for college. College is quite expensive and I want to go to a University not a Community . ...
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How Can I Save My Money????
I get $80 a month from my parents. I have to pay for all of my own clothes, shoes, snacks and anything extra. The only problem is that I have a problem with putting part of the money in the bank. Whenever ...
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The Divorce Plan
MY parents are divorced. And In the agreement it says my dad is REQUIRED!!!!! To pay for my educational needs through college. That includes college tuition to any college in ...
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So, it is time to start thinking and planning for those College years. Where and how do I start, I guess the first step is with a College Saving Plan. Now for the quiz!
 How Well Do You Save Money?
 How Important Is College?
 How Do You Spend Your Money?
 Do You Waste Your Money Away?
 Will You Be Able To Save For College?

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